Beverly Driving School
Course Requirements

Course Requirements

Office Hours: Beverly Driving School’s office hours are Monday-Friday from 2:30 to 5:30 PM.  Please try to contact us during these times, all calls received after office hours will be returned at our earliest convenience.  You can reach us at (978) 927-2900.

Classroom: Classroom seating will be assigned and attendance is required for fifteen, two-hour sessions.  Thirty hours of classroom instruction is required by the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  If a student misses a class, they will make up that session in another class before their Driver’s Education Certificate can be issued.  If a student is habitually tardy, credit for the course may be refused by Beverly Driving School.  Students will take notes in class and we encourage parents see them.  Students must pass the final exam (80 % or higher) and it is the obligation of the parent/student to disclose any learning disabilities that might assist the school to address individual student needs.  The cost of the classroom is $250.

Driving:  Driving lessons may be scheduled anytime after the completion of the 30-hour classroom session.  Students will complete 12 hours of driving and 6 hours of observation.  Students must show their Learner’s Permit on each driving lesson. Driving lessons are $40 each and may be paid individually or in any combination (ie. 3 = $120, 6 = $240).  Payments should be made out to Beverly Driving School and can be given to the driving instructor at the time of the lesson.  Road lessons are intended to meet the standards to pass the Registry road test exam and to teach lifelong safe driving techniques.  Students need many additional hours of practice with a parent or guardian to become proficient and experienced. Failure to show a permit or cancel a lesson 24 hours in advance will result in a No-Show fee of $30. The Registry Certificate Fee is $20 and must be paid on or by the last driving lesson.

Road Test:  A road test exam can be scheduled approximately a week after successfully completing all requirements for a driver’s education certificate.  The road test cannot be taken until the student has held their learners permit for at least six consecutive months with a clean driving record.  For an additional road test sponsorship fee of $100, Beverly Driving School can schedule the road test appointment; provide the vehicle and instructor for the road test exam.

Parent/Guardian Information Session:  A parent or guardian must attend a REQUIRED two-hour information session prior to their son/daughter obtaining a driver’s education certificate.  Please check our website for upcoming dates. Next parent/guardian session.

Behavior:  If a student is disruptive or causes malicious property damage in the classroom, automobiles, bathrooms, or building, they may be asked to leave the school and pay for damages. No drugs or alcohol use will be tolerated.

Abuse of any of the above rules may result in suspension or expulsion with no refunds. 

Course Requirements

All fees to BDS are payable by cash, check  and MasterCard, Visa, Discover