Beverly Driving School
Ready to Drive & <br>Road Test Sponsorship

Ready to Drive &
Road Test Sponsorship

Please contact us during our office hours to schedule your road lessons. Beverly Driving School’s office hours are Monday-Friday from 2:30 – 5:30 pm. Please try to contact us during these times, all calls received after office hours will be returned at our earliest convenience. You can reach us at (978) 927-2900

Driving Lessons $40 EACH * (No charge for observation)

* TRANSFERS – Students who have taken the classroom session at another driving

school are welcome to join BDS for the on-road instruction. A classroom letter of

completion must be obtained and given to us prior to the issuance of a Driver’s Education

Certificate. * Transfer Driving Lessons are $40 each hour of driving (no charge for

observation) plus $20 RMV Certificate Fee *

Private Adult Lessons (over age 18) $60 per hour, 3 or more lessons – $50/lesson

RMV Certificate Fee: $20 (Must be paid by LAST LESSON)

No Show Fee: $30 (Missed or cancelled without 24 hours notice)

* In order to receive a Driver’s Education Certificate, a student must complete the 30

hours of classroom instruction, all required driving and observation time AND the 2-

hour parent/guardian information session. A valid learner’s permit must be shown to

the instructor on each lesson and failure to do so may result in a “No Show Fee.” The

certificate fee of $20 must be paid to BDS on or by the last driving lesson. *

Road Test Sponsorship

For an additional fee of $100, BDS will schedule a road test appointment and will provide the vehicle and instructor to take the road test exam. Road tests can be taken during the week in Lynn (if you book an individual appointment at the testing location) or on a weekend morning from our location here in Beverly.

Private Adult road test sponsorship is available for $125.

Upcoming Planned Test Dates:

  • Weekend of: December 2nd/3rd

*All test are administered by Registry of Motor Vehicle examiners and the planned dates are subject to RMV approval.*

All checks should be payable to “Beverly Driving School.

RMV costs

Processing Fee for RT Appointment (pass/fail/no show) $35.00

5-year License Fee $50.00

Total payable to the RMV $85.00 *

* Please note: The Registry fees may change at any time due to a change in the Registry of Motor Vehicles requirements. All checks for these fees must be made out to the Registry of Motor Vehicles and paid to the Registry in person or by phone at 1800-858-3926. *