At Beverly Driving School we offer refresher and private lessons to individuals of all ages. We pride ourselves in giving special attention to nervous people and senior citizens. Whether you're preparing to take a road test and you need a couple of refresher lessons or you're a senior citizen and you want to go out for a ride to sharpen your skills. Our professional instructors are LICENSED and REGISTERED by the REGISTRY of MOTOR VEHICLES and are the "Best of the Best." With over 100 years of combined teaching experience you'll feel right at home.

Beverly Driving School provides Medical Competency Road Lessons and License Test Sponsorship. Even if you want a simple evaluation on your driving or a family member's driving ability we can accommodate. Call us for details.

Private driving lessons, elderly driving, medical competency lessons and/or road test sponsorship can be arranged by call (978) 927-2900. BDS management will be in touch to discuss individual needs, set up on-the-road lessons and/or road test sponsorship.